What Are The Nazca Lines About?

What are Nazca Lines? 

Nazca Lines are giant geoglyphs in the Nazca desert of southern Peru. These were constructed around 2000 years ago but no one really understands why.

There are hundreds of different pictures of symbols, lines, animals, plants and new ones are still being discovered today.

In 1994 the Nazca Lines were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Archaeologists  are working hard to preserve and protect these sites so that others can learn about the history and we can deepen our understanding of why these were constructed, is there further meaning or just to look great from up high.

Flights over this area are popular amongst tourists and is most definitely the best way to experience them.

Some examples include a dog, spider, hummingbird, cactus plant, monkey, whale, llama, duck, flower, lizard and tree

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